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Chrisper's Mock Draft (1 - 10)

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      • Chicago Bulls - Derrick Rose

      Right now, Derrick Rose is ranked #1 on the Big Board. You can't pass up on talent for need. Even though the Bulls are in desperate need low-post scoring and rebounding, Derrick Rose, a Chicago native, would be a major upgrade over a disappointing season from Kirk Hinrich. His strength and athleticism could really help ignite the Bulls' offense, who was ranked 18th in the NBA in points scored. He has been noted as a Jason Kidd with a jumpshot, and even if he went to the Miami Heat, the Dwayne Wade and Derrick Rose wouldn't reach it's full potential because Rose and Wade are way to similar as in playing style. With all the Kirk Hinrich trade rumors, one I think could be really possible would be Kirk Hinrich and Luol Deng for Elton Brand. That would be a very successful team in the future.


      • 2. Miami Heat - Michael Beasley

      If Michael Beasley falls to Miami, Beasley would be a huge upgrade over Udonis Haslem for the long term. If Rose doesn't drop to the #2 pick, I see Miami attempting to trade this pick to get a proven veteran at the point guard position to take the load off of Dwayne Wade, who is a better fit to play off the ball. There could be a possible trade for Gilbert Arenas or Baron Davis, or even sign Jose Calderon. Jason Williams has been a failure in Miami. Anyway, Michael Beasley is the safest and smartest selection. Don't be surprised if O.J. Mayo slides into the second spot. A trio of Marion, Wade, and Beasley would become very dangerous in the Eastern Conference.


      The Wolves have a need at center and Brook Lopez would be a good fit. Teams love his size and ability on the boards. Big men are hard to find in the NBA Draft, and Lopez is the only big man who looks like a sure thing. He looks to be the next Chris Kamen, and that isn't a bad thing if you are the Timberwolves. By selecting Brook Lopez, that would slide Al Jefferson to the 4 position, his natural position. This lengthy big man is a rare talent in this draft, and he is hard to pass up on.


      The Sonics need backcourt help, and it's a coin flip right now between O.J. Mayo and Jarryd Bayless. I have a gut feeling that the Sonics won't select Bayless because they already have two young, prolific scorers in Durant and Green. Even though this is close, it is almost a lock Seattle selects Bayless because Luke Ridnour and Earl Watson have yet to excell in the Seattle organization. Like very few young point guards in this league, he is a athlete who can shoot. His ability will shine in Seattle with Durant and Green.


      Many people are overlooking this prospect. Randolph is a power forward who has a great combination of size, speed, and athleticism. He has tremendous upside, and could turn into a Chris Bosh with more strength. Oviously, they need to replace the void that Pau Gasol left when he was traded to the Lakers. They will have Hakim Warrick, Brian Cardinal, Darko Milicic, and Jason Collins in their frontcourt this offseason, which isn't a great thing to have on your team. If you are looking for a big man in the draft at this point, Anthony Randolph would be the guy.


      • 6. New York Knicks - Danilo Gallinari

      Let me just ask you one simple question, Who would you rather have, Quentin Richardson or Danilo Gallinari. Right now, it is Gallinari. People consider him as a better overall prospect then Andrea Bargnani, who was the #1 selection in the 2006 NBA Draft. Gallinari would be a perfect fit in Mike D'Antoni's offense because he is a offensive genious. He has great basketball IQ, and he could even play the SG and PF position as well if needed. Many people might think this is a joke, but Gallinari is a major talent in New York.


      There is no question here that if Mayo is still on the board, he would be the Clippers' selection. He can play both the PG and SG position, and if Cuttino Mobley will test free agency, that would be a great thing to have on your squad. They need another playmaker alongside Corey Maggette, and O.J. Mayo would bring that need. I am one of those people who are confident that Shaun Livingston will return to the NBA, but sticking him at guard right now will help him in the future.


      • 8. Millwaukee Bucks - Eric Gordon

      Eric Gordon is a bigger, better version of Ben Gordon. The Bucks are unpredictable at this point, and Russell Westbrook could be an option, but a shooting guard is a need right now, ecspecially since it looks like the Bucks are ready to make some changes, even with Michael Redd. I wouldn't be surprised if the Bucks trade this pick to receive a talented small forward, which is their biggest need right now. Gordon can acctually get to the rim unlike Michael Redd though. Eric Gordon would be the smart pick here.


      • 9. Charlotte Bobcats - Kevin Love

      Kevin Love is getting into shape and you can tell he is serious about entering the NBA. The Bobcats have been looking for a big man to compliment Emeka Okafor ever since the franchise first founded in 2004. Charlotte will love his toughness and passing ability to be a major asset alongside Emeka Okafor. This isn't a lock at all though. The Bobcats would love to move Okafor to his natural PF position, and drafting DeAndre Jordan would do just that.


      • 10. New Jersey Nets - DeAndre Jordan

      Jordan reminds many people of Dwight Howard. The Nets are set at the 1-2-3 positions, but they need more production from their big men. If the Nets draft him, he will have the most upside of any player on the New Jersey roster. Right now, his reward really is starting to outweigh his risk. Sean Williams and Josh Boone are good, but with Jordan, they will reach the next level, possibly even the playoffs. Jordan also reminds many people of Kwamie Brown, Inconsistant and

      has block hands.
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